Hear more from the Voices of Privacy team as they share more about digital privacy.


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With more and more people joining online communities each day, it is important to know how to protect your personal data from social media platforms. Voices of Privacy went on WDBJ7 to discuss how several popular apps have implemented AI technologies without the knowledge of or consent from users, and what this could mean for you. Learn how to adjust your settings and safeguard your information on social media. Click to view the segment!

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It's April which means it is tax season, and protecting your personal information is key! Voices of Privacy went on WDBJ7 to give some privacy tips for when you are doing your taxes. Learn how to safeguard your data from scammers during tax time. Watch now for essential tips!

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Have you ever been curious about how AI gathers and uses information? AI brings a world of knowledge to our fingertips, but its data collection methods can raise concerns. Check out this WDBJ7 as Donna and France discuss AI's impact on privacy. Click the link below to learn more about AI and how to protect your privacy!"

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Romance Scams- Cat fishing, Targeting, Credit Card Frauds! Co-hosts & Professors, France Bélanger and Donna Wertalik joined Here @ Home with tips to avoid the romance scammers that tug on your heart strings in hopes of getting your personal information. They say dating apps are very popular, but users need to be aware of the key threats like cat fishing, stalking and identity theft. Together the Virginia Tech professors launched the educational series Voices of Privacy to help people protect their data. You can find their episodes streaming now on their website.

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Join WDBJ and Voices of Privacy as they inform us of steps for a privacy clean-up and digital detox.

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Here @ Home continues our educational series with two Virginia Tech professors to help you better understand and protect your information while shopping online. Professors France Belanger and Donna Wertalik join us to talk about some of the biggest issues everyone should be aware of while shopping online, including checking to see if websites are fake. Fake websites will offer Black Friday bargains, free stuff, mega stores and urgent sales. The two also talked about Virtual Credit Card Numbers and who should use them.

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The launch of Voices of Privacy- The Series. Each month, WDBJ will air a new segment discussing a relevant and timely subject.


Privacy Concerns & Smart Toys

Holiday gift giving is upon us, and for many children, candy canes and teddy bears increasingly share stocking space with technologically savvy toys. But parents may want to be cautious before purchasing some smart toys.

Experts offers tips for what parents should know about ‘smart toys’ and data security

The growing smart toy market puts millions of toys with computing power and audio and visual recording capability in children’s hands. Parents considering gifts of digital toys for Christmas or Hanukkah should be aware of the data collection that these toys perform and how to better protect their children’s privacy in this new domain.