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Get to know France & Donna as they provide timely information on privacy issues and solutions. New episodes will be released monthly.

France Belanger

France Bélanger

France Bélanger is an author, researcher, educator, consultant, and advocate for information privacy. She has written over 200 various publications, with a large portion on information privacy and security.

For more than two decades, France has studied the issues surrounding information privacy, such as the lack of knowledge and awareness about what information is shared and how, and what to do about it, and why and how individuals make decisions about sharing information even when they are aware of the related risks.

She currently holds the titles of University Distinguished Professor, R. B. Pamplin Professor, and Tom & Daisy Byrd Senior Faculty Fellow in the Accounting and Information Systems Department within the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.

Donna Wertalik

Donna is an industry veteran, educator, consultant, author and accomplished speaker focused on digital marketing and analytics, including facets related to privacy and virtual identities.

For more than a decade, Donna has been discussing, researching and teaching about the growing importance of information privacy, not only in digital marketing, but also virtual identities, the paradox of data, access and protection, as well as different generational cohort and strategies to understand tracking. She is particularly keen in finding ways to improve society & literacy on data practices.

She currently serves as Director of Marketing Strategy and Analytics for the Pamplin College of Business and is a Professor of Practice in Marketing in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.

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